What we do

We provide a sure balance and emotional security for our clients and Students, making sure that they get upmost satisfaction from our services by ensuring that the Wards/children of Clients deliver academically and psychologically.

We prepare the Wards to face the challenges of a new environment, adapt to it and take advantage of it. We open the minds of the wards to the endless opportunities in their newly adopted academic and social systemic environment.

Temporary Hostel Shifts

: We provide Airport pickup as well as offer a 2- week temporary accommodation when our clients arrive the UK. This will ensure ease of settlement, allowing our clients to concentrate on their school induction programmes pending when they are able to secure a permanent accommodation.

Specialist psychological counselling and 1-1 mentorship

We offer counselling sessions where MedEd Psych experts are able to ascertain current state and wellbeing of clients in a professional and friendly manner. Assessment reports could be sent to clients’ parents upon request and with the full consent of all parties involved, in line with UK data protection regulations.

Academic support and mentorship:

We offer 1-1 academic support, tutorials and mentorship sessions to our students across all levels of study (college, undergraduate, postgraduate). Our experienced academic staff understand various students’ learning needs and are thus able to provide the exact support our clients need in-line with their course requirements. We help students develop their academic and research skills in the area of critical thinking, essay/report writing, referencing, journal reviews etc. We also provide IT support as well as exams management tips.

Professional chaperone

We offer therapy sessions as at when required. We are also happy to be the first point of contact for our clients in case of emergencies, or when clients require any specialist advice or professional contact while studying in the UK. This includes, but not limited to, accompanying clients to hospital/medical appointments or engaging legal counsel to support their visa extension.

Seminar Talk Sessions

Professional talk sessions in form of Seminars, conferences, tutorials and symposiums will be organized, either by MedEd in Lagos, or 3rd Party associates.

Leadership Conferences and Master Classes

We organize interactive and engaging leadership conferences for our youths both in UK and Nigeria.

Youth Empowerment Programs

We organize seminars; talk sessions and trainings to prepare our youths for the work place while adding value to their lives. Career advisers and Coaches, Internships and voluntary roles placement so as to get work experience relevant to their area of study in while in the UK

MedEdPsych Tutoring and consulting services for GCSE and A level students UK

In the comfort of your home Science and Psychology tutoring- (Your preferred style of learning)

In-house tutoring

We come to tutor you in the comfort of your home.

Result outcome

We listen to your goal. We develop a plan and work in collaboration with you to achieve your desired result.

Committed support

Our committed and dedicated staffs support and provide you with the best service.

MedEdPsych Science tutors

Our experience and dedicated science and psychology tutors support students who are struggling in one or all of their subjects. We also advance their knowledge of the subject concepts.

We provide tutoring for our students preparing for GCSE and A level examination in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology. Our qualified and experience tutors have advanced knowledge to teach the subject to enable students succeed in their exams.

Courses Science Courses we offer for tutoring

  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Permit Us to take charge

In order for the above listed products and services be executed, MedEd would be entering into contractual agreement with Parents of the Wards who have agreed to join our platform. These contracts shall be binding on Parents, Wards and MedEd.

  • Authority and Assignment as Guardian: This will authorize MedEd and any of its professionals assigned to your ward to act and supervise your ward and liaise with School/Campus authorities.
  • First Point of Reference: MedEd shall become the first point of reference in cases of emergencies, as it pertains to the wards when in the country of study for the duration of the contract.
  • Authorized Representation: The agreement shall authorize MedEd to represent the parent in all cases concerning the Ward for he duration of the contract. It shall also authorize MedEd to secure other professionals if the need arises in order to ensure the effective wellbeing of the Ward.
  • Payment of Charges and Fees: This shall be done at contract take off. MedEd is a registered company in Nigeria and UK. So therefore is liable in the event of any breach.