Our Team

Tomilola Oyekunle

CEO / Principal Partner

Dr Tomilola Oyekunle (MBBS MBPsS PsyD) is a qualified Medical practitioner, a registered Psychologist with certifications in Child psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. She earned her Medical degree over a decade ago from College of Medicine, University of Lagos and Postgraduate degree from the department of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences Coventry University, United Kingdom. She has previous experience within National Health Services (NHS), Private organisations, Educational establishments which spans across high schools, colleges, Universities and the local community across Africa and UK regions.
Dr Oyekunle has knee interest in health and emotional wellbeing of students’ most especially International students that study abroad. She has had the opportunity to work with international students for over 5 years, the testimonial speaks for itself. Her clinical interest lies within Cognitive development, Educational Psychology, Pastoral Psychology, family therapy, Mental health issues, understanding behavioural patterns, understanding neurological disorders, encouraging healthy lifestyle and fostering positive difference in the lives of youths and young adults. She is an advocate for Suicide Prevention.
Dr Oyekunle is a member of various associations- British Psychological Society (BPS), American Psychological Association (APA), Medical Associations, Association of Psychological therapies (APT) & British Association of Behavioural and Cognitions Psychotherapy (BABCP)just to mention a few.

Justin Okoli (PhD)

Consultant/Academic Adviser

Justin is a lecturer in cyber security management at Coventry Business School where he is involved with teaching and research on both the MBA and MSc programs. He is a member of the centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management at Middlesex University where he obtained his PhD in 2015. Justin's work explored the decision-making strategies used by experienced emergency responders when solving complex tasks in dynamic and high-staked environments. Recently his research interest is focused on managing cyber risks and understanding how computer end users make security decisions from both cognitive and human factors perspectives. Communicating his research output has always been key priority for Justin and he has presented his research at a number of local and international conferences and also published in notable journals, including management decision and journal of contingencies and crisis management. Justin also holds a post-graduate certificate in Risk Management from Middlesex University. He is a certified home safety advisor with the West Midlands Fire Service where he currently supports the casualty and simulation group. Justin is a recipient of the prestigious ALARM Risk Awards in 2016
where he emerged the best PhD student in the UK. He holds the status of fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and currently supervises a number of PhD projects at Coventry Business School.

Chike A.N Obiora

Business Strategy Manager

Mr Chike is a business startup expert and sales professional. He has worked with multinational mobile telecommunications organisations in Nigeria and the UAE.
Mr Chike is the Business support and strategy analyst for MedEdPsych In Nigeria. He ensures that service delivery, service safety and management is of quality standard.  Chike is also a Motivational speaker and training facilitator in varying Youth empowerment and development projects in Nigeria.